Doesn’t capitalism lead to child labor in factories?

No. Capitalism did not create child labor working in fields or factories. It inherited it from the previous political systems. Observe that in communist Cuba of today 11 year old children are forcibly sent off to “summer camps” where they spend time working in fields cutting sugar cane and tobacco — this is called by leftists as “volunteerism” and “education”. Yet little mention is made of this.


  • Bongstar420

    There are no actual “communist” regimes. I do see plenty of socialist structures that are being inappropriately managed. Any time a profit is made, capitalism is functioning regardless of the words people use to describe it.

    Despite your characterization, profits are being made by those running the system no matter its construct as long as the people who produce things do not receive %100 of their productivity. I do not see falsely limiting access to capital or non-monitized assets as a legitimate reason to concurrently limit productivity. If an owner cannot be productive, they are morally obligated to hand control to someone who is.

    Point. I see lots of agricultural ground and commercial properties that I could employ towards productive ends (generally greater than most others could btw). The only thing between me and productivity is the capitalistic ownership class (or who ever decides I need their permission to work). The reason for this situation is only due to social class since I inherited no bank account and no gumption for the profiting of morons off of my labor, skill, and intellect (my IQ is easily 130). Lessez-faire capitalism wouldn’t change this situation (I’m assuming that the capitalists argument would be government protectionism- which is cute, but incorrect). The reason for this is because my parents would have almost exactly the same outcome that they have now or I wouldn’t have been born.

    If you are going to comment on my icon, I’m an atheist. It is a complicated ploy I developed in this war of ideas. I don’t believe altruism, in fact, exists at all, so sacrifice has a completely different meaning. Trying to attack my religious position is moot unless you are religious. I actually resent Rand taking the definition of Objectivism from me after I defined it myself before having been introduced to the notion. Rand was not genuine with her claims and she obfuscated many aspects about reality because, like many others, she could not accept her objective station in life.